Pierre Niney finds Bluma, his dog-partner in Five, thanks to a call launched on social networks

The Caesarized actor had launched a search notice after the disappearance of the animal that we see in the film of his friend Igor Gotesman.

Haven’t seen Bluma, oh la la la la la. So where has this bitch gone, I’m looking everywhere. So where has this bitch gone, she’s going to drive me crazy …»Pierre Niney and Nino Ferrer same fight? The actor, caesarized in 2015, launched an appeal on social networks to find Bluma, his four-legged partner that the filmmaker Igor Gotesman had staged in Five, a comedy of friends, in 2016. “After crazy adventuresThe dog was finally found the next evening, announced the former member of the French comedy.

If we are to believe the first assumptions of Igor Gotesman, who seems very attached to his canine companion, Bluma would have been “probably stolen»February 24 in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Disappeared around 6:50 p.m., Bluma, beyond the attachment that her master has for her, is also in her eyes a mascot of the seventh art. Actress of this film of friends, dear to Pierre Niney, we can see her regularly throughout the script of Five.

Bluma is 6 years old and has two medallions

On Instagram also the filmmaker has cracked a search notice that he wrote in these words: “Bluma, my 6-year-old dog who was with her walker and other dogs, was lost, probably stolen because she wears two medallions with phone numbers, Igor Gotesman said in an Instagram story. It’s been almost two hours and we still have no news.

Since no one, for the moment, knows the bad joke that would have kidnapped Bluma, Pierre Niney in his message on Twitter described, thus taking up the description of Igor Gotesman, with the most details the heroine canine of Five: “If Twitter can ever work a miracle: Bluma has slight white depigmentation around the mouth. If you can get close to her, she has a scar on her left hind leg as well as a scar on her stomach.

The call was massively relayed on social networks and made it possible to quickly find Bluma. “Reunited again“, Igo Gotesman wrote on his Instagram account, thanking in passing”a certain SabrinaFor his help. “We’re gonna write a movie about this day“, Also declared the scenario writer, visibly delighted to see his pet again”in fine fettle“.


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