Pieces of a Woman, when the child disappears …

In Kornél Mundruczó’s film, Vanessa Kirby plays a mother who loses her baby during a home birth. Struck by suffering, the young woman sees her marriage shatter.

Twenty-three minutes. Besides, the nine months of pregnancy are a walk in the park. Pieces of a Woman opens with a long sequence shot of a home birth. Martha screams, cries, breathes. She clenched her teeth. Sean is distraught, present, useless. The midwife panics, but does not show it. The worst happens. It’s a shock. Tragedy hits this Boston home. The family will be shattered. It takes a culprit. There will be a trial. Life will pretend to resume. The baby’s room will remain empty. Love will desert the couple. The earth is slipping under their feet. They no longer recognize each other. A ditch separates them.

It is no longer just that of social classes. Sean works on a bridge site. Martha has an important position in an office. In her red coat, she walks the snowy streets, locks herself in a dull pain. His colleagues do not know what to say to him. Compassion for others is a burden. At the supermarket, she bumps into a friend of her

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