Pieces of a Woman, the drama that will propel Vanessa Kirby to the firmament

Revealed by The Crown, the actress left Venice with the interpretation prize for her role as a woman in mourning after the death in childbirth of her baby. Released on Netflix in early January.

Produced by Martin Scorsese, Pieces Of A Woman is the chronicle of a long process of mourning.
Produced by Martin Scorsese, Pieces Of A Woman is the chronicle of a long process of mourning. Netflix

The shock wave, which appeared in Venice, is likely to spread to Los Angeles and to the Oscars and will propel Vanessa Kirby’s career into the stratosphere. Revealed by The Crown in which she played for the first two seasons the rebel Princess Margaret, the British actress is glowing with rage and sadness in the first trailer for Pieces Of A Woman. The deeply moving intimate drama won her the prize for female interpretation at the Venice Film Festival in September. The feature film is one of Netflix’s most anticipated acquisitions, which will put it online on January 7.

In this very personal film by Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó (Jupiter’s moon), Vanessa Kirby plays Martha. This Boston resident sees her life turned upside down when she gives birth at home and loses her baby, despite the assistance of a midwife, soon prosecuted for negligence. Martha must learn to grieve, while enduring an intrusive mother (Ellen Burstyn) and an increasingly irritable husband (Shia LeBeouf). He must also attend the trial of the midwife, whose reputation is now destroyed.

A 23-minute sequence shot

Chronicle of mourning, Pieces Of A Woman returns to the own drama experienced by Kornél Mundruczó and his wife and screenwriter Kata Wéber who lost their child. The film is fictional, but its emotional journey is genuine. How does a family accept and cope with such trauma? “After the birth at home, shot in a twenty-three minute sequence shot, the film, produced by Martin scorsese , is the chronicle of the reconstruction of a woman in pieces, heart in crumbs and body in bulk », greeted our critic Étienne Sorin. This famous sequence shot required six takes spread over two days

To prepare for the role and this never-before-seen birth scene for her, Vanessa Kirby spoke to many women who have experienced miscarriages or given birth to stillbirths. “These are painful and still taboo subjects. The fact that the film will perhaps free speech touches me enormously. This film shows how we react to inconceivable trauma and how this is a very personal process.», She confided to Variety . For this first leading role, the 32-year-old actress, also seen in the last part of Impossible mission and the historical drama The shadow of Stalin, tops the magazine’s predictions for future Oscar nominations, though the ceremony is sometimes reluctant to acknowledge such dark films. On comparable subjects, Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams had received a citation for the best actress trophy for Rabbit Hole and Blue valentine.


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