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Picture of eating Aloo Paratha with knife and fork goes viral, British director shared the post

Director of English films Gurinder Chadha has shared a funny picture on Twitter. The picture has made many Indians happy and amazed on the internet. The director’s child is seen in the picture eating potato paratha for breakfast, but with a fork and a knife! Chadha has a caption, more interesting than the picture itself. Chadha, who best reflects Indian culture in most of his films, is not very happy with the extraordinary way of eating North Indian food. He posted to explain the situation, “How did I raise a child who insists on eating Aloo Paratha with a knife and fork!”

Indian-origin film director shared an interesting photo

Paratha, a flat desi roti can be of many types. Some mix it with butter flakes while others combine it with pickle or vegetable, but it is always eaten empty-handed. Therefore, the use of a fork to break the soft bread surprised many Indians on Twitter. As a result, countless mimes and fun reactions started coming.

Countless mimes and reactions are found on social media

One user wrote, “Please do not tell us how Golgalpa is eaten.” Another user suggested that you should have taken the knife and fork from your child. However, some people also supported the tweet. One user said, “The worst part is that raw onion, tomato, butter paratha is eating. Now I feel that I am using the same way.” Another replied, “Sorry! Nothing wrong with that.”

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