Photo of a Vietnamese boy is chosen ‘excellent’ in 2020

Photo of Phuc An, born on April 1, was chosen by Reuters as one of the best photos in 2020.

The “excellent” list selected by Reuters includes 107 photos in a variety of fields, from politics, society to culture and the arts, recording a turbulent year.

Huy Khâm, the author of the photo, shared with VnExpress, son Nguyen Huy Phuc An, born at Vinmec hospital, Hanoi, one day after Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc issued a national social isolation directive in the first 15 days of April, not more than two people gathered public. Before that, on March 28, Bach Mai Hospital was blocked due to 8 cases of nCoV infection.

“Babies born in a three-week isolation interrupt most social and economic activities across the country. But life has to go on, living beings are still born,” Kham said.

Professor Nguyen Viet Tien, former Deputy Minister of Health, is the person directly in charge of the surgical team. The baby was born weighing 2.8 kg, “named Phuc An, meaning peace and happiness”, according to parents.

“Seeing the moment my grandchild was born, I was very emotional, but I still had to keep calm to complete the job. The baby was born carrying the message of ‘a new birth, a new hope’, in the midst of a Covid-19 setting. scanning the world, causing many deaths and negatively affecting billions of people “, Mr. Khâm shared.

Baby Phuc An wears a splash shield, preparing to vaccinate in Hanoi, on April 13. Image: Reuters.

To complete the Covid-19 birth photo set, Kham must strictly comply with the epidemic prevention regulations at the antenatal clinic and hospital.

When Phuc An was 7 days old, he returned to the hospital for vaccination, with a protective mask. And Mr. Khâm recorded this memorable moment.

“The strict compliance with the anti-Covid-19 regulations contributed to the success of Vietnam in the war. Phuc An was fortunate to be born in such favorable circumstances,” said the photo’s author.

The moment of Phuc An’s birth is in the series of pictures “Born in the Covid-19 period”. Accordingly, the author Huy Kham has closely followed the journey of Phuc An’s parents, from pregnancy to the time of labor.

Pregnancy and childbirth during a pandemic is a challenge for millions of families around the globe, in the context of hospital overcrowding, medical and medical exhaustion, social blockade and isolation. That is why Reuters chose the theme of following women performing a special ministry, to record the imprints that appear only in the “hundred years one” event.


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