Philippe Lacheau, the popular comedy in an organized gang

In order to Baby sitting at Despite himself superheroes, which is released in theaters on Wednesday, the director has a string of successes with a young and schoolboy audience. He has united around him a group of friends and relatives, in turn actors, directors or screenwriters, who never leave each other.

The ritual is immutable. In La Rochelle, despite the absence of a trailer and posters, the public rushed by the hundreds to the CGR Les Minimes multiplex for the preview of Despite himself superheroes , the latest comedy from La Bande à Fifi, which will be released in theaters on February 2. An apprentice actor lands a first role in a superhero film, but, the victim of an accident, he loses his memory… Schoolboy jokes, fast pace, strong situation comedy, very ordinary heroes who are easy to relate to. identify and to whom extraordinary things happen… The ingredients that make them successful with 10 to 35 year olds are there. “Philippe Lacheau, Julien Arruti, Tarek Boudali fill the rooms with their namesadmires the director of the multiplex, Pamela Nicoli. Each of their films is an appointment. It’s rare.”

On the eve of the February holidays, operators are rubbing their hands. With Spidermanthe French returned in large numbers to the cinemas comments David Baudry…

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