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Pfizer’s Vaccine Efficacy: How Effective is the Pfizer Vaccine Against Omicron? study revealed

Vaccine Efficacy Against Omicron Variant: For those who have taken a dose of Pfizer’s anti-corona vaccine, there is initially worrying news. Indeed, a preliminary study by South African researchers found that Pfizer’s vaccine against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) actually confers less immunity against the Omicron variant than other major versions of the virus.

Africa Health Research Institute experiments
In experiments carried out in the laboratory of the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban, it has been observed that the antibodies produced in people who have taken two doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech SE shot, compared to the corona variant found in China two years ago, the new variant Omicron. Reduces 40 times. That is, this vaccine only partially affects against Omicron.

Head of Research Alex Siegel’s statement
Alex Siegel, head of research at the laboratory, said the loss of immune defenses is substantial but not a complete loss. He said more in-depth studies are needed to properly understand the accuracy of the vaccine’s effect in reducing disease.

The experts were already scared!
Let us tell you that ever since the new variant Omicron of Corona came to the fore, experts were concerned that a new vaccine might not be needed for this. However, some reports suggest that if a new vaccine is needed, it will not take much time to make it because vaccine companies already have an original vaccine for corona.

Omicron spread to more than 40 countries
It is worth noting that the Omicron variant, first found in South Africa last month, has now spread to more than 40 countries of the world. In Britain, it has reached the stage of community spread, the Health Minister there has himself confirmed it.

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