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Pfizer’s new Kovid pill approved for emergency use

Pfizer Covid Pill: Pfizer’s new Kovid drug has been approved for emergency use by the European Union drug regulator. The European Union’s drug regulator on Thursday allowed member countries to use Pfizer’s new Kovid pill to combat the fast-spreading Omicron variant. However, it has not been formally approved yet. It has been allowed to be used only as an emergency measure to prevent a new wave of disease.

Claims to reduce risk by up to 90%

American pharma company Pfizer says that this drug is as a new type of treatment to deal with Omicron variants. The company claims that through this drug, the risk of hospitalization and death in patients can be reduced by about 90 percent. The European Medicines Agency has said that Pfizer’s drug is not yet authorized in the European Union but could be used to treat adults with COVID-19 who do not require supplemental oxygen. By the way, patients can be treated through this medicine.

Paxlovid is a combination of a new molecule, PF-07321332, and the HIV antiviral Ritonavir, taken as separate tablets. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said that Paxlovid should be used as soon as possible after diagnosis of Kovid-19 and within five days of the onset of symptoms. In this case, Pfizer tablets should be taken for five more days.

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What are the side effects?

There may be some side effects of this medicine from Pfizer. Loss of taste, feeling of diarrhea or vomiting. It has been said about this pill that pregnant women should not use the drug and should stop breastfeeding while taking it. However, by getting approval for its emergency use, the risk of death of many patients can be reduced. However, the EMA has already approved a similar emergency use for Pfizer’s rival Merck’s pill.

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