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Pfizer Covid Vaccine: This corona vaccine is effective for children up to 91 percent

Pfizer Covid Vaccine For Kids: Vaccination is the only solution in the epidemic spreading across the country, by which this disease can be defeated. After the vaccination of those above 18 years of age, the vaccination process has become for children. The company Pfizer Covid Vaccine has introduced a special vaccine for children. After the arrival of this vaccine and the introduction of children, the FDA researched how effective it is on children. According to FDA research, Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccine has been found to be effective for children.

The vaccine was found to be very effective in primary school children.
Federal health regulators said Friday that Pfizer’s anti-Covid-19 vaccine has been developed specifically for children. Furthermore, this vaccine has been found to be highly effective in preventing symptomatic infections in primary school children and does not pose any unexpected safety problems.

FDA released research report
As the US is considering introducing child immunizations, the regulator said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided information related to the analysis of Pfizer vaccine data at a public meeting next week. Whether vaccine doses are ready for about 28 million children in the age group of five to 11 years in the country.

Vaccine is beneficial in the risk of death
FDA scientists said in their analysis that the vaccine is beneficial in preventing the risk of hospitalization or death due to corona virus infection. This benefit far outweighs any serious side effects of the vaccine in children in any case. Agency reviewers, however, did not recommend authorizing Pfizer’s vaccine. Now the FDA will put this question before the independent advisory committee next Tuesday and will consider their advice before taking any decision in this regard.

Effective up to 91 percent
The FDA review confirmed Pfizer’s results, which said that two doses of the vaccine were up to 91 percent effective in preventing symptomatic infections in children. However, its scientists said that this study is not sufficient to detect extremely rare side effects.

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