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Petrol-diesel prices skyrocketing in Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis, long queues were seen at the pumps

Sri Lanka Crisis: After the increasing economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the situation seems to be getting out of control. From food items to medicine, the prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky. Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, people are facing huge problems. For filling petrol and diesel, there are many kilometer long queues at the pump. People say that even after standing in this queue, they do not even know whether petrol diesel is available.

The team of ABP News spoke to the people standing at the pumps, in which an auto driver Shanta Perera told that earlier they used to take 40 to 50 rupees from the passengers for 1 kilometer but now the price has increased to 80 to 90 rupees. A person present at the petrol pump told that he has been standing at the pump for more than 3 hours and now that he has reached the petrol station, he told him that he will get petrol only in a limited quantity.

People spoke abusive words for the Rajapakse family

During this, many people standing at the pump also used abusive words for the Rajapakse family. A man said, “My daughter is going to the protest site every day with her young children because this government has ruined all of us.” Chaminda, a Hindi speaking auto driver told that petrol is not available for the last 5 days. The earlier I used to earn about 4000 rupees in a day has now come down to 1000. He said that if petrol is not available then what will you do? Will sit at home but the question is who will take care of our family and children? Two-three months ago, the price of petrol was ₹ 150 per liter, which has now increased to ₹ 338 per liter.

People told that, the situation has become so bad that now we are hardly able to buy even bread. People say that even milk has become so expensive that I do not understand what to do?

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