Pesticides: Monsanto definitively condemned

It is a relief. After fourteen years of legal brawl, Paul François, a grain farmer from Charente, was recognized as a victim of Lasso, a herbicide marketed by the Bayer – Monsanto group. The Court of Cassation considers that he did poison the farmer and rejected all the appeals of the plant protection group. “There is a weight that has gone from my shoulders, and then, above all, Monsanto will no longer be able to say that this story is only fabrication”, explains Paul François in the 12/13 edition of Thursday, October 22.

“My honor is safe, and that is important”, adds the cereal farmer, who was poisoned in 2004 by fumes from the insecticide he was then using to treat his crops. Sometimes he would breathe right above his tubs of product. He has since suffered from serious neurological problems and has been hospitalized for a long time. “Paul, he’s been fighting for over ten years. There were terrible consequences for his health, for his family, for everything. It’s too long for the victims ”, says Julien Guillard, vice-president of Phyto-Victimes.

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