People were able to self-declare the injection on the PC-Covid application

Currently, both iOS and Android phone users can update to the new version of the PC-Covid epidemic prevention application that adds 2 features “Self-declared injection” and “Document wallet”.

Added 2 new features on PC-Covid

On January 16, version 4.2.0 of the PC-Covid epidemic prevention application was released on the Google app store. Previously, the same version for iOS devices has been available on the Apps Store since January 10.

To update to the new version, users of devices running iOS and Android operating systems currently only need to go to the CH Play or App Store app stores, type “PC-Covid” in the search box, and select “National PC-Covid.” ” and click update.

The new version of PC-Covid has been added 2 new features by the National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control. In particular, with the self-declaration of injection feature, in case the injection information displayed on the PC-Covid application is incorrect, users can declare the injection information themselves and attach a photo of the certificate to prove it. . Then the injection information will be displayed with the “Self-declared” sign.

This new feature makes it convenient for people to participate in epidemic prevention and control activities without necessarily carrying an injection certificate, and at the same time solves the frustration about the situation that injection facilities have not been updated, or updated. incorrect injection information.

Allowing people to self-declare vaccination results with proofs (if any) on PC-Covid is a solution to overcome the situation that injection data is still inaccurate (Artwork).

As for the “Document Wallet”, this feature helps people store snapshots of certificates such as injection certificates, test certificates, or F0 certificates of cure. The “paper wallet” supports and creates convenience for people when participating in activities during the epidemic situation. The papers are stored in wallets declared and responsible by the people, and presented when necessary.

3 ways to reflect incorrect injection information

Regarding the update of injection information on epidemic prevention platforms and applications, now, after people have injected 3 doses of Covid-19 vaccines, the National Immunization Portal, the Health Book application Electronic health or PC-Covid application will update vaccination information. Besides, people after vaccination are also granted vaccination certificates by the medical unit.

However, in fact, some people reflected that they still have not been updated with the 3rd injection information on the PC-Covid application even though medical staff have entered the information into the system. Even many people have injected the 3rd shot, but the 1st shot has not been updated on the application.

Responding to this issue, Mr. Nguyen Truong Nam, Deputy Director of the Information Technology Department, Ministry of Health said that in the past, when Hanoi organized the 1st and 2nd injections simultaneously for people, medical facilities received the Youth Union’s support in entering information into the system. Currently, many health stations have to do the 3rd injection by themselves, so they have not updated the information on the system or updated the wrong information of the injector, which leads to delays.

According to a representative of the IT Department, Ministry of Health, people after receiving injections, if they do not receive a new injection on the application, need to report it to the Covid-19 Immunization Portal in the following ways: Method 1 – People access Visit the website to submit a complaint, provide complete information, a photo of the certificate of Covid-19 vaccination (Shown on the Receipt Portal of 1st and 2nd injection, not received yet. reflect the 3rd injection); Method 2 – Call the hotline 19009095 of the Covid-19 Immunization Portal to report; in case people have had injection 3 but have not been updated on the application, press 5 to meet directly with a support consultant; Option 3 – If still not received, people can go directly to the vaccination facility, bring a certificate of vaccination for medical staff to check and update information on the system.

Regarding the injection of 3 doses of Covid-19 vaccines, many people wonder, if there is complete information about the number of injections on the electronic health book app and the National Immunization Portal, is it necessary? keep the vaccination certificate?

Regarding this question, Mr. Nguyen Truong Nam said that currently, the Ministry of Health has not removed the certificate of vaccination against Covid-19, but is doing both the certificate and the application at the same time.

According to Mr. Nguyen Truong Nam, the certificate is still the original certificate for the people who have been vaccinated, and is the basis for if there is any reflection or incorrect information, this certificate will be relied on to adjust. Therefore, people when injecting Covid-19 vaccine, even though the number of injections has been fully updated on the application, still need to keep the certificate of vaccination.

“The updated injection information on the application is to record that people have received the Covid-19 vaccine. However, the recognition depends on agencies, offices, companies… Currently, many places have used the information on the application to confirm people’s injections.”information, Mr. Nguyen Truong Nam.

According to data from the National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, as of January 16, there were more than 33.5 million PC-Covid application users nationwide. Binh Duong, Quang Ninh, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Bac Ninh are the 5 localities with the highest percentage of PC-Covid installations. The five provinces with the lowest PC-Covid installation rates include: Lai Chau, Bac Lieu, Dien Bien, Nghe An and Ha Giang.

Van Anh

PC-Covid application has more Covid data utilities, 24/7 hotline

PC-Covid application has more Covid data utilities, 24/7 hotline

Currently, PC-Covid users who need support related to this epidemic prevention application can contact the hotline at “Hotline 24/7” right in the application.


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