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Brother2,000 British volunteers will be given an experimental Covid-19 vaccine, then exposed to nCoV to evaluate the vaccine’s effectiveness.

He will test the world’s first human-sized Covid-19 vaccine challenge. The healthy volunteers were tested with the Covid-19 vaccine and after about a month expose them to nCoV under controlled conditions.

The study was funded by the British government and began January 2021 at a safe quarantine facility in east London. Approximately 2,000 volunteers in the UK have signed up to participate in this challenge study.

The researchers hope the trial will play a key role in identifying vaccine candidates that are likely to transition to clinical trials by early 2021.

The clinic is prepared for the challenge trials. Image: Financial Times.

Professor Wilkinson said that when the world faces Covid-19, a well-controlled method of proactively infecting humans will help evaluate the effectiveness of potential vaccines.

However, any Covid-19 challenge trial requires approval from the UK Health Products and Drug Administration (MHRA) and an independent research committee.

Challenging human trials can be helpful for vaccine development and may provide preliminary evidence of clinical efficacy. However, this trial is controversial, as even young people are at risk of serious viral illness and some doctors believe it is against ethics.

The method of proactively infecting humans has a long history. In 1796, vaccine pioneer – Edward Jenner, transplanted live cowpea virus to James Phipps (8 years old). This approach has also been used in the development of vaccines and treatments for typhoid, cholera, and malaria as well as in understanding the immune system’s response to influenza and other viruses.

Ngoc An (According to the Financial Times, GAVI)


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