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People visiting 20 countries in Saudi may ‘no entry’ till May 17

Saudi Arabia has banned citizens of 20 countries from entering the country till May 17. India is also included in these 20 countries. In such a situation, Indian pilgrims traveling this year may also feel disappointed. The Haj pilgrimage was postponed in the year 2020 due to Corona virus epidemic.

In such a situation, it was hoped that in the year 2021, Haj pilgrims would be able to go to Saudi Arabia and perform Haj. But now his expectations are seen running. Haj is done for the Muslim community. Every Muslim person wishes to go on Haj once in life. Every year, a large number of Muslims from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia visit Haj.

Saudi Authority has not yet decided

Every year about 2 lakh Indians go to Mecca-Medina in Saudi Arabia for Haj. So far this year, no decision has been taken by the Saudi Authority for Haj pilgrims. Even the pre-selection process has not been started yet. Let us know that on February 10, the Indian diplomats and Saudi authorities are to discuss Haj pilgrims, but so far no major information has been revealed in this regard.

This year there will be a decrease in the number of Haj pilgrims

According to sources, there may be a decrease in the number of pilgrims going to perform Haj this year. However, it is not yet clear how many pilgrims are going to perform Mecca and Medina. According to the Haj Committee, even if Saudi Indian gives permission to Haj pilgrims, this time there will be a decrease in the number of Haj pilgrims. Significantly, this year Haj is scheduled in the month of July.

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