People over 14 years old to go to the doctor only need a citizen’s identity card

HanoiPatients over 14 years old who come to the National Children’s Hospital for examination only need to use their citizen identification.

The National Children’s Hospital said that this unit has now deployed chip-based citizen identification cards in medical examination and treatment at the hospital.

Accordingly, when patients go for medical examination (for children who have been granted citizenship – over 14 years old) or carry out administrative procedures at the hospital, they only need to use their citizen IDs. The patient’s health insurance information is checked on the data portal of Vietnam Health Insurance.

Regarding the implementation method, when the patient comes for examination, the hospital’s staff will check the citizen’s identity by scanning the QR code or through the VNEID application.

If the medical facility finds that the information is valid, confirms the participation in health insurance, then compares the information, picks up the patient according to the current medical examination and treatment process covered by the current health insurance, and informs the patient at the next visit.

In case the information is checked and found invalid, the medical facility should clearly explain to the patient that the status of the health insurance card on the identity card cannot be done. Medical examination and treatment with health insurance in these cases takes place normally by using paper health insurance cards, photo identification papers and applying to people who do not have citizen identification with a chip.

According to hospital representatives, the use of citizen identification cards for medical examination and treatment has three main advantages: Firstly, patients do not have to carry their health insurance cards or unless they forget their cards; second, convenient to use both as a citizen’s identity and to look up health insurance data; Finally, personal data recording is applied to each case on the Vietnam Health Insurance portal.

Up to now, the hospital has received two cases of medical examination using citizen identification cards.

The Ministry of Public Security has now issued more than 50 million citizen IDs with chips. Photo: Giang Huy

At the end of February, the Ministry of Health instructed hospitals to publicly let people know about medical examination and treatment covered by health insurance by using a chip-based citizen ID with integrated health insurance card code, or via the VNEID application, which is only applicable to people who have completed their medical treatment. successfully registered for an electronic identity account provided by the Ministry of Public Security.

This account consists of a login name (which is a personal identification number) and a password provided by the Ministry of Public Security, authenticated through the National Population Database system, managed and verified by the police. real.

People wishing to issue an electronic identification account will register with a district-level police officer (the officer who receives documents for citizenship with a chip) with information such as phone number, email. In case you want to register to integrate the information displayed on the national electronic identification application, documents such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, social insurance, health insurance … need to bring additional original documents to match. mat.

Currently, there are 88.8 million people participating in health insurance nationwide. In 2021, the two branches of police and social insurance have connected and shared 33 million times of citizen information contained in the National Insurance and Population Database.

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