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People of Ukraine came forward to help their soldiers, war material being prepared in the library

Many public libraries in Ukraine these days are making chemoflags for soldiers on the war front along with saving books. While youth are going to the war front, women, children, old people are engaged in many other volunteer activities besides making such nets. Volunteer Larissa, who is in a public library in Lviv, says that Ukraine is at war and everyone is contributing in their own way.

Such nets cannot be made in Kharkiv and Sumi for the needs of the army and security forces. That is why we are making nets from here and sending them to those parts of the country and war fronts, where they are needed more. Hana, who is engaged in making the net, says that 15 thousand young volunteers like her are engaged in helping in such wartime. Every day people from nearby places gather in such different centers. Women and children are donating labor for about 6-7 hours. Such camouflage nets are generally used to provide cover for military barricades, air defense gun or artillery gun positions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Moscow would see a third party declaring a “no-flight zone” over Ukraine as “joining the war”. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials alleged that Russia bombed two cities in an act contrary to the ceasefire, making it difficult to evacuate people. Efforts to end the war seem to have been sabotaged by the non-implementation of ceasefires in Mariupol and Volnovakha. With this, about 1.4 million people have left Ukraine in just 10 days.

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