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People in this country are being intentionally infected with Corona, know the real reason behind it

Covid-19 Human Challenge Trial: Britain is going to start the world’s first human change trial. During testing, healthy voltiners will be intentionally infected with the corona virus. Imperial College London, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and clinical company hVIVO will form part of the trial jointly. The idea of ​​such a test was revealed in the last quarter of 2020. Human challenge trials have been supported by government investment.

Britain is going to start the world’s first human challenge trial

The Human Challenge trial, which is going to start in the next few weeks, has received moral approval. The selection of the Volunteer of the test will be done very carefully. Scientists are looking for healthy 90 Volunteers aged 18-30 years. Volunteer will be infected with the corona virus in safe and controlled temperatures. Initially, scientists will infect them with the small amount of virus required for Kovid-19 disease. For this, the strain of the original corona virus, known in Britain from March 2020, will be used. Scientists are not using variants of new viruses because there is limited knowledge of changes in the strain.

Volunteers involved in trial will become victims of corona virus

Normally in human testing, Volunteer is given an experimental vaccine or drug and then monitored for several months. During this, it is ascertained whether protection against infection was found or not. But this is the first time in the world when scientists are going to conduct human trials by infecting Volantier with the corona virus first. The purpose of this test is to understand the mechanisms behind the body’s immune response and viral transmission against the corona virus.

In the next phase, the researchers plan to give a small number of volunteers to the approved vaccine and then infect it with new variants. This will help scientists to identify and promote the most effective vaccine. However, this phase of human testing is yet to be approved.

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