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People above 30 years of age will get booster dose in UK, booking will start from Monday

Omicron: UK health officials said on Sunday that bookings for booster doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine for people 30 years and older across England will begin on Monday. He told that this is one of the steps taken to control the Omicron variant of the fast spreading corona virus in the country.

Corona’s booster dose will be taken in Britain

England’s National Health Service (NHS) said that there are 7.5 million people aged 30 to 39 in the country, of whom 3.5 million are eligible for a booster dose from Monday. This decision has been taken after receiving initial information that the booster dose will be effective on the Omicron variant. Cases of hospitalization of Omicron infected people have also started coming up in the country.

No one has died from Omicron in the UK so far

No one has died of this variant in the UK so far, but experts have warned that by the end of this year, the Omicron variant may overtake the Delta variant in terms of spreading the infection. Britain’s Health Minister Sajid Javed said “the COVID-19 booster program is being accelerated and 22 million people in the UK have already taken booster doses and received comprehensive protection before Christmas.”

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