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Pentagon admits its mistake regarding drone attack in Kabul, says civilians killed

Kabul Drone Attack: There has been a big disclosure about the US drone attacks in Afghanistan last month. Earlier, defending its drone attacks, the Pentagon had said that they had caused heavy casualties to ISIS terrorists, while a statement issued by the Pentagon on Friday said that all 10 people killed in these attacks were civilians. were Afghan citizens.

10 civilians were killed in the drone attack

In fact, on August 29, 10 Afghan civilians were killed in a drone attack in Kabul. Regarding which the Pentagon had said that in this attack they have succeeded in killing the extremist terrorists of ISIS. At the same time, now US Defense Secretary Lloyd J Austin III has apologized, admitting his mistake.

America admits its mistake

He says that an internal investigation conducted at the Pentagon has revealed that the people who died in the drone attack on August 29 were all civilians. However, only four days after this drone attack, the US claimed that their drone attack was successful and that they had targeted ISIS extremists.

Could not present evidence in his favor

After this, after the media doubted America’s statement, it came to light that the vehicle which was targeted by the American drone was being driven by an employee of the American Humanitarian Organization. At the same time, it has also been claimed in the news that the Pentagon could not present any evidence in support of its claim that it was said that the explosive material was kept in the vehicle.

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