Pensions: for the president of the CPME, Emmanuel Macron “must move forward” on the reform

François Asselin, President of the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises, would also like to discuss the terms of the re-elected president’s plan.

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This is a major project of the new five-year term. Re-elected, Emmanuel Macron wants to reform pensions again, two years after the suspension of his previous project. The Head of State wants to raise the legal retirement age to 65, despite opposition from employee unions. Eco guest of franceinfo Monday, April 25, François Asselin, the president of the CPME wants the reform to come to an end. According to him, Emmanuel Macron “must move on”.

“He must move forward because it is a marker of his campaign and it will be a marker of his five-year term”believes the president of the CPME. “Let’s imagine that he backs off from the start of this reform. It would be a very negative sign for the rest of his five-year term. He must manage to pass this reform”continues the representative of small and medium-sized enterprises, aware of the union opposition: “The government will find it very difficult to get the social partners on board.”

However, François Asselin calls on the executive to discuss, in the event that the Head of State obtains a majority in the National Assembly in June: “Let’s not forget that through this reform, long careers will be taken into account, like the criteria for jobs that are physically more exposed than others.”

The president of the CPME also mentions the minimum contribution: “When you have a full career, how much will you be able to earn when you retire?”We, what we ask is that not everything is individualizedhe develops. We cannot measure the level of hardship per employee. It will be extremely complicated. We’ll have to discuss.”

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