Penis cave breaking when finding strange feelings

Hanoi45-year-old patient, admitted to Hospital E in a state of painful swelling, bruising due to self-breaking to find strange feeling.

Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien, Department of Nephrology and Urology, said that the patient is a worker, working away from home, the frequency of masturbation is much, more than three times a week. On September 29, while masturbating, the patient broke to find strange feelings. After a while, the penis was swollen and painful quickly, edema deformed, hematoma bruising.

Doctors diagnose the patient with broken penis cavity due to improper masturbation. The patient was taken out of the hematoma, stopped bleeding, and sewed the broken white shell of the cave object tightly.

Currently, the patient’s condition is stable, the function of the genitals is active again, continued treatment at the hospital.

Dr Lien said, the penis rupture is one of the damage to the genitals that can leave an erectile dysfunction. The causes of cave rupture are abnormal sexual intercourse, but the leading cause of “little boy” broken is from self-pleasure.

Cave objects are two cylindrical bodies on the back of the penis. Wrapping the cavernous object is a fibrous bag, called the Abuginea balance (white shell), consisting of thick collagen bundles and some elastic fibers. The white shell is about 2-3 mm thick, when the erect penis will be thinned to 0.5 mm, so it is easy to break when there is an injury.

When the object is broken (tearing the white shell), the blood comes out causing hematoma, deformation of the penis, complications of curvature, pain during erection, erectile dysfunction or an inability to erect the penis. quality of sex life. In some severe cases, besides tearing the white bag, it is also accompanied by a tear injury to the urethra that leads to difficulty urinating, painful urination, blood in urine, even urinary retention, making treatment more complicated.

According to Dr. Lien, masturbation is not bad, but not too abusive. For teenagers, to stop masturbation, it is necessary to actively study, exercise, interact with friends to avoid wasting free time, limit watching pictures, stimulating movies, go pee before bed …

Doctors recommend creating new emotions during sex or while masturbating to be careful, avoid unsafe positions or actions, becoming accidents. Men should not hesitate, shy, but need medical facilities when there are signs of penile fracture. Treatment intervention as soon as possible will help “little boy” increase recovery ability.

Thuy Quynh