Penile necrosis caused by circumcision

Hanoi29-year-old young man, circumcised in a private clinic, still goes to the clinic every day to change the bandage, but part of the foreskin is necrotic.

Visited at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital last week, the doctor assessed that the necrotic wound was very complicated, requiring two surgeries. A surgery aimed at cutting the skin, cleaning the necrosis very deep into the cave of the penis. If not cut, the skin will be more necrotic, deeply ingrained, the patient’s urethra.

The second surgery is the foreskin shaping, skin grafting. This is a complex surgery requiring a rhythmic combination of the crew and the support of modern equipment.

Surgeons for patients with genital necrosis. Image: Hospital provided.

At the Center for Namology, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, doctors have received many cases of necrotic skin necrosis infection, but this is very rare. This patient was lucky enough to be promptly rescued by doctors, so he did not lose the entire penis.

Doctors recommend a seemingly simple and quick surgery such as circumcision must follow the aseptic principles, performed in medical facilities with qualified surgeons. .

Le Nga