Pegasus spyware’s ‘double-edged sword’

While the NSO consortium insists that Pegasus software is only used to fight terrorism and crime, Amnesty World warns, “the consequences are huge when the spyware sector is not well regulated.”

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Amnesty World (AI) has said that allegations that many governments use malware on phones provided by the Israeli company NSO to spy on journalists, even The head of state “is a global human rights crisis” and suggested halting the purchase and use of this surveillance technology.

In a statement on July 23, the AI ​​warned of “huge consequences when the spyware sector is not well-managed.” AI Secretary General Agnes Callamard said: “This software not only poses a risk and harms to individuals in the spotlight, but it also undermines the security of the digital environment in general.”

According to her, Israel’s NSO is just one company, but “a dangerous field that has been outlawed for a long time.” “This cannot be allowed to continue,” she stressed.

NSO Corporation’s Pegasus software has the ability to turn on the camera or microphone in the phone and collect data. This is at the center of a shocking scandal after the leak of a list of 50,000 targets that could be tracked.

AI and French non-media company Forbidden Stories have partnered with a group of media companies, including the Washington Post (US), the Guardian (UK) and Le Monde (France). , analyze and publish the above list. French President Emmanuel Macron, who is on this list, had to change his phone and change his number.

Ms. Callamard called for “urgently better regulate the field of online surveillance, and better monitor this black industry.” The AI ​​called for an immediate halt to all export, trade, transfer and use of surveillance technology “until there is a regulatory framework for this.”

NSO says it has exported Pegasus software to 45 countries with the approval of the Israeli government. The company insists that the Pegasus software is only used to fight terrorism and other crimes.

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