Pedro Almodovar’s Madres Paralelas lacks nerve

CRITICAL – The Spanish director puts a political point on a melodramatic plot already seen. Her favorite actress Penélope Cruz saves the ship.

Holy old Pedro. After the vibrating Pain and Glory , he returns to his habits. We see it coming. The landscape is familiar. Two women, a young and a blackberry, give birth at the same time. They did not know each other, but their destinies will be inextricably intertwined, a turn of events failing to separate them. Janis, named in homage to singer Janis Joplin, is very happy to have a baby on her own, to quote a famous refrain. And too bad for the father, good married guy. The teenager Ana (because of Karenina or Carlos Saura’s wolves?) Is less delighted with this pregnancy. Ah, beautiful, healthy feminine solidarity!

In case we did not understand, Penélope Cruz, with her hairstyle à la Bardot, wears a T-shirt on which is written “We should all be feminists”. Another plot is clumsily grafted to the first. It is about finding the place where the ancestors murdered by the Francoists are buried. This will require intervention

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