Pedro Almodovar doesn’t want to hear about streaming for his next film

Despite several offers», The feature film Madres Paralelas, with Penélope Cruz headlining, is slated to hit theaters.

The cinemas have lost nothing of their charm. In any case for Pedro Almodovar, the question does not even arise. Producer and brother of Spanish director Agustin Almodovar revealed in an interview with ScreenDaily that the filmmaker’s next film will only be shown on the big screen. Madres Paralelas, with Penélope Cruz at the head of the poster, will not be found on any streaming platform. “Despite several offers“, According to the producer.

As we are old school, we are preparing Pedro Almodovar’s next feature film for theaters», Explains Agustin Almodovar. However, he recognizes the growing popularity of VoD, including for his brother’s works: “the viewing of our films on the Spanish streaming platform Filmin has tripled», Reveals the producer. “But, of course, for those of us who enjoy seeing movies on the big screen, we are living in worrying times as the threat of movie theaters collapsing gets closer and closer.

The big screen or nothing for the two brothers. “We believe in the fight for theatrical exploitation», Judge Agustin Almodovar. The film’s script completed, “we complete the technical team and the rest of the actors“, Further specifies the producer who believes that everyone will be”ready to start filming in March“.

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