Pauline Déroulède, French wheelchair tennis champion, is a standing woman

I warn you, gonna have to keep pace ! “ Blonde hair burnt by the sun, intense blue eyes and Colgate smile on a competitive tan, Pauline Déroulède seems to come out of a holiday club ad. The 30-year-old, talkative and lively behind the wheel of her car, drives to the Yvelines tennis committee, where she is preparing for the Paralympic Games in 2024.

His right leg is pressing on the pedals. The left, a long rod of black iron and carbon, terminated by a false foot, remains quiet. The sports shorts do not hide it in any way. Pauline assumes the gaze on this bionic prosthesis, which fascinates children in the street and surprises customers when she enters a restaurant. In what she now calls her robot leg “, every morning she fits the stump of her thigh, which she prefers to call end of leg . With this assembly, from the top of her 75 meter, she can go swimming in the sea ” standing “, do his interviews and lectures ” standing “, hold his partner in his arms ” standing “.

To live standing, for her, it means a lot, as the song says. It means to be free, surely, but also to become a high level athlete, to move the lines of road safety, to transform the “extraordinary” drama that she lived into an extraordinary life that she would not have. known.

“The Pauline of before is no more”

The weather was very nice on October 27, 2018. Pauline and her partner are riding a scooter

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