Patrice Leconte: “Like the namesake tennis player, I have experienced some setbacks”

INTERVIEW – The director of Tandem, Mr. Hire or Tango looks back on his career on the occasion of the re-release of these three films on DVD. From the difficulty of making films today in the theater, passing through his experiences at the César, the Oscars and Cannes… Relaxed and frank interview.

Patrice Leconte.
Patrice Leconte. Francesco Gattoni / © Francesco Gattoni / Leemage

Patrice Leconte is one of our most interesting filmmakers and yet he hasn’t filmed for five years. The thing astonishes him, but does not bring him down. Someone who tells you: “There was Patrice Chéreau, I am Patrice cheap” can not leave indifferent. Meeting with an author who, Tanned at The girl on the Bridge, has tackled all genres, while three of his best films (Tandem, Mr. Hire, Tango) are reissued on DVD.

LE FIGARO. – You don’t have enough that articles about you are often titled “Leconte est bon”?

Patrice LECONTE. – Otherwise, you can do: “Like the tennis player of the same name, this Leconte had some setbacks.”

Your last book was called I stop the cinema and you haven’t toured for five years …

It was ironic, but it backfired on me, much like peeing against the wind. It is not my doing. I have had great projects. Everything fell into the water as if we had been torpedoed by pirates. If it’s

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