Patients with hemiplegia get up thanks to acupuncture

Hanoi85-year-old grandmother, with stroke, hemiplegia, can get up to practice walking after half a month of electric acupuncture.

Tools are lit for 30 minutes per day in waves for a month or a half months, with a break of 2-4 weeks between waves. Just the first two weeks, the patient began to practice walking. After the first phase, he can walk with a cane or a wall rail, and can do his own personal hygiene.

Another 36-year-old patient, with a brain stroke, was hospitalized on December 22. The doctor evaluated the patient with severe hemiplegia, poor consciousness, had 7 months of functional recovery in many places but did not improve. On admission, the patient completely paralyzed the right half.

After two weeks of electric acupuncture, the patient began to have limb movements. Doctors predict that at least two months the patient will be able to walk with a cane or a wall rail. The following treatment sessions will progress better.

Dr. Nguyen Khac Ninh, Head of the Department of Stroke and Rehabilitation, Central Acupuncture Hospital, said that hemiplegia is a condition in which one side of the body is weakened, right or left half of the body, dependent into the damaged brain area. Damage to the left brain will cause the right hemiplegia and vice versa. The paralysis side will have weaker motion than the other side or may not even be able to move. The main cause of hemiplegia is cerebral hemorrhage or hemorrhagic stroke, cerebrovascular diseases that interrupt the transport of blood to the brain, causing ischemia leading to stroke.

The doctor used electric acupuncture to treat hemiplegia for a patient. Image: Minh Nhat

A stroke or stroke is a dangerous condition. When brain cells are damaged, the stroke patient faces sequelae, typically hemiplegia.

Dr Ninh said there are many methods to restore function to hemiplegic stroke patients, in traditional medicine, acupuncture is the main method. Acupuncture is the use of needles to prick acupuncture points on the human body. The acupuncture point is the place for the air in and out of the body. Each side of the human body has about 300 points.

According to traditional medicine, disease is caused by an imbalance of yin and yang, blood gas. When stimulating acupuncture points, meridian, balancing yin and yang, regulating meridians visceral function.

Modern medicine combines a magnet with an electric current to aid a stimulus, called electromagnetism. Dr Ninh said that when electrically acupuncture, by transmitting direct current through acupuncture needles, the effectiveness of stimulating acupuncture points will be significantly increased compared to traditional acupuncture, thereby helping patients with hemiplegia quickly recover. more recovery.

“With the traditional acupuncture method, the physician will hand the needle to stimulate the acupuncture point. Electric acupuncture can use electric current to replace this manipulation, not only reducing pain but much higher efficiency”, said the doctor.

The doctor stated that, by using electric acupuncture, the patient with mild or moderate disease, about more than a month of treatment, is able to walk and be autonomous in living. In patients with more severe paralysis with psychosis, lethargy, several courses of treatment are needed. Each course of treatment is about 4-6 weeks, between each phase there are breaks lasting 2-4 weeks. During rest time to maintain medication to prevent risks, as well as exercise regimen.

The Department of Stroke and Rehabilitation is currently treating about 20 patients with hemiplegia due to stroke. Every day, patients will be acupuncture using electric acupuncture for about 30 minutes.

The doctor performs long needle puncture for the patient.  Photo: Thanh Hue

The doctor performs long needle puncture for the patient. Image: Thanh Hue

To perform electro-acupuncture procedures, it is necessary to prepare a set of needles, electric impulses have the effect of stimulating nerve muscles, increasing nerve conduction. The needle is made of stainless steel, usually the length of the needle is from 5 cm to 20 cm. Needle is autoclaved or sterile disposable needles.

Each patient will be inserted about 20 points in both legs and arms. This amount may vary depending on the actual situation of each patient. For example, patients with speech disorders, insomnia or mentally awake may experience more stinging.

In addition to finding the correct location of the acupuncture point, doctors must also determine the right length of needle, to ensure that the acupuncture point can be inserted. According to the doctor, the needle needle operation requires a lot of skill and experience of the doctor. When pricking, use the left hand thumb and index finger to press, stretch the skin of the acupuncture point; the right hand pricks the needle quickly through the skin of the acupuncture point, pushes the needle slowly to the point, stimulates the needle until the patient has a feeling of tension, pressure, moderate weight, no pain in the acupuncture point just pricking, the doctor feels the needle suck tightly at the acupuncture point. The longer the needle, the more difficult it is to prick.

In addition to acupuncture, hemiplegic patients are combined with acupressure massage, water acupuncture, motor exercises to increase mobility.

Thuy Quynh