‘Patient 1342’ is the F0 of three new infections in HCMC

The epidemiological investigation identified the transmission chain of three patients 1347, 1348 and 1349 stemming from “patient 1342”, the flight attendant of Vietnam Airlines.

Information provided by Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Nguyen Tan Binh, on the afternoon of December 1, at a press conference about 4 cases of nCoV infection in the area in the past 4 days.

“Three cases of 1347, 1348, and 1349 ended the 122-day chain of no new infections in the city,” said Mr. Binh.

Director of the HCM City Department of Health Nguyen Tan Binh at the meeting on the evening of December 1. Image: Letter Anh.

“Patient 1342” was announced by the Ministry of Health on November 28. He is a flight attendant during the flight from Japan to Vietnam, is isolated and gathered with all 13 crew members and passengers according to regulations. On the 4th day of isolation, he tested negative twice and was sent back to residence isolation. On the 14th day of isolation and the third test, he was positive for nCoV while all passengers and crew members were negative.

From here, the health sector of Ho Chi Minh City investigates the epidemiology, discovered during the period of concentrated isolation of the airline, the flight attendant violated the regulations, voluntarily contacting another flight attendant – the following person that is recorded as “patient 1325”.

The Ministry of Health confirmed, “patient 1342” infected with nCoV from “patient 1325”.

The City Center for Disease Control (HCDC) zoned and identified “patient 1342” who had close contact with three people in the city. Male English teachers who met the most patient, about 5 days, were positive and recorded as “patient 1347”. The other two people including mother and friend, short contact time, wearing a mask, tested negative.

F0 has been identified in the chain of community infections, HCDC has expanded its traceability and isolation. Currently, HCDC has identified locations for male teachers from November 18-25. This person has been exposed to 451 cases, are friends, family members, colleagues, coffee shop staff, karaoke bars and students at two English centers. All were sampled and medically isolated.

In which, two F1s are a one-year-old boy and a 28-year-old female practitioner, recognized by the Ministry of Health as “patient 1348” and “patient 1349”, on the afternoon of December 1. The rest of the people tested were initially negative. Close contact with boys also tested negative. Particularly, 9 people in the family who had close contact with the female practitioner isolated and took samples for testing.

“HCDC will provide test results as soon as information becomes available,” Binh said.

Except for the boy being treated at the City Children’s Hospital, the remaining three patients are treated at the Cu Chi Field Hospital.

The health sector continues to urgently trace, quarantine and sample other cases involving four patients, trying to prevent the fastest spread of the epidemic. The patient’s stay area has been blocked, isolated and sprayed for disinfection.

The Ministry of Health assessed that Ho Chi Minh City was not an outbreak of nCoV, just a place of infection.

Doctor Nguyen Tri Dung, Director of HCDC, said that the case of infection in the quarantine area from “patient 1342” is a wake-up lesson for the quarantine areas that neglect to manage and monitor the epidemic prevention. He recommended that people who are in quarantine need to raise their awareness, strictly follow the regulations on epidemic prevention, to avoid causing serious and serious consequences like this one.

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