‘Patient 1342’: ‘I’m sorry’

HCMC“Patient 1342”, a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant, who is being treated at Cu Chi Field Hospital, expressed remorse, remorse and apologize for affecting everyone.

“I am afraid of being sick, but I think I am young and healthy so I can overcome it, only take care of everyone’s health”, the male hostess, born in 1992, shared with VnExpress December 4. He said that “regrets from the first moment”, “very repent” for affecting society, economy, and relatives.

When he heard that he was criminally prosecuted for violating quarantine regulations, spreading nCoV to three people, causing serious consequences, he was “very scared and shocked”.

This flight attendant used to take part in rescue flights from epidemic countries such as France, Australia, England, and back to Vietnam. In recent days, isolated in hospital treatment, also received many encouraging messages from passengers he used to serve on the flight back to his home country.

“The doctors also advised me to try to overcome it,” he said. Everyone’s encouragement helped him to lessen his heart because of the heavy information.

The patient also shared that she feels lucky when her mother has tested negative. During the days when he was on home isolation before, mothers often brought food to their children during their home isolation, luckily tested negative. His father got tired many times when he heard that his son was positive.

“As long as my parents are healthy, I don’t want people to worry,” he said.

Male flight attendants from Japan entered Vietnam on November 14 and stayed in an isolated area managed by Vietnam Airlines until November 18. After testing the negative results twice, this flight attendant went to isolation at the inn on Bach Dang street, ward 2, Tan Binh district. On November 28, he tested positive.

During the quarantine, the flight attendant contacted you as an English teacher, making him a “1347 patient”, to Hutech. Male teachers are the source of infection for “patient 1348” – a one-year-old boy and “patient 1349” female student of Key English English Center, 28 years old.

2,916 people in contact areas of 4 patients must isolate, take samples for testing. Dozens of universities and primary schools have to give students away from school. Many apartments and households were blocked, disinfected and anti-epidemic. On the morning of December 5, the City Center for Disease Control announced 861 F1 contacts with four patients, 1,400 F2, 271 community review samples tested negative, while 384 samples of community screening were waiting for the results. .

Le Phuong