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Paternity leave will be extended and partly compulsory

While the involvement of fathers in the education of children is progressing slowly, Emmanuel Macron intends to accelerate the movement. He wants France joins the peloton of the most advanced European countries ” in terms of paternity leave, explains the Élysée, citing in particular Spain, Portugal, Finland and Norway.

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Wednesday, September 23, at the Maison de la petitefance and maternal and child protection center (PMI) in Longjumeau (Essonne), Emmanuel Macron must announce a double reform of this leave: its extension from 11 days to a period of one month and the introduction of a mandatory part. “The president was sensitive to the strong societal expectations on the subject” but also “On the other side: equality between women and men”, argues the Élysée.

→ THE NEWS. Paternity leave: seven days compulsory for the second parent

After a comeback amply sucked in by the management of the health crisis linked to Covid-19 and thwarted by the opposition’s attacks on security, this measure allows the Head of State to maintain contact with the left wing of his support, who wants more actions with a strong social or societal impact in view of 2022. Without delay, the extended paternity leave will be included in the Social Security Finance Bill (PLFSS), which is being finalized, and should enter into force at “Mid-2021”, specifies the Élysée.

28 days, of which 25 paid by social security

In detail, what is it? Currently, fathers are entitled to 3 days of birth leave paid by the employer and 11 days of paternity leave paid by the family branch. “14 days is too short to forge the bond of attachment”, believes the Elysee, looking for a “Good balance” : “Doubling down is already a massive change”, one specifies, whereas the commission of scientific experts on “the first 1000 days” of the child, chaired by the neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik, recommended a duration of 9 weeks.

The choice therefore fell on doubling the paternity leave to 28 days, including the 3-day birth leave, still paid by companies. In this scheme, 25 days will be compensated by social security, ie an additional budget which could be of the order of 250 to 270 million euros in 2021, and 500 million euros in 2022. The technical points and especially the financial issues are however still under discussion with the social partners.

The duration of the obligation is not decided

Likewise, although the decision to make part of the paternity leave compulsory has been taken, the question of the duration has not been decided. It is also the subject of debates with companies, social partners and parliamentarians. Will the obligation be several days or several weeks? “We acted in principle. We will land quickly ”, ensures the office of the Secretary of State for Children and Families, Adrien Taquet.

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The objective: to increase the number of fathers asserting their right to paternity leave to 80% in 2021 and 90% in 2022. Currently, too many fathers who are unemployed or in the most precarious environments do not want or cannot l ‘exercise. 80% of employees on permanent contracts take leave, compared with less than 50% on fixed-term contracts.

The President of the Republic should, this Wednesday, focus on this single measure. By the end of his five-year term, will he have time to move forward with other issues concerning parenthood or early childhood? Parental leave reform projects and their articulation with childcare arrangements are still the subject of consultation with the various stakeholders. “Parental leave is a reform which requires a longer period, says the cabinet of Secretary of State Adrien Taquet. But we have it in mind. “


The conditions of access to compensation

To benefit from the paternity leave allowance, you must have worked at least 150 hours of paid work during the last three months or have contributed on a salary at least equal to 1,015 times the amount of the hourly minimum wage during the last six months. last months.

The daily allowance is equal to the basic daily gain calculated on the salaries of the 3 months (less a flat rate of 21%, representative of the employee’s contribution to contributions). All within the limit of the monthly social security ceiling (€ 3,428.00 in 2020).

Companies can supplement the allowance, so that the employee benefits from the full maintenance of his salary.


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