Paternity leave: the Senate votes to double the leave, increased to 28 days

On the night of Friday 13 to Saturday 14 November, the Senate voted to double the duration of paternity leave, thus increased to 28 days. “It is very important for a dad who does not carry the child to him immediately to forge strong bonds with his child“, says a father.”It’s a step forward, but it’s not enough, I think it should be equal between men and women in order to reduce the burden on women“, nuances another.

This paternity leave applies to the second parent, it is therefore open to the mother’s companion, on condition of providing proof of connection with her such as an extract of the marriage certificate, a copy of Pacs or a certificate. of common life“, explains the journalist Nabila Tabouri on the 13 Hours set. Of the 28 days, seven days will be mandatory, “because we have noticed that since the creation of paternity leave in 2002, not all fathers benefit in the same way: only 48% of fixed-term contracts against 90% of permanent contracts“, specifies the journalist. 25 days will be supported by social security, and three days by the employer.

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