Pas-de-Calais: A reindustrialisation project with 200 job creations on the former Bridgestone site

ATBefore its closure on April 30, the Bridgestone company in Béthune employed 863 people.

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The activity will be reborn on the old Bridgestone site in Béthune in Pas-de-Calais, France Bleu Nord reported on Friday July 2. Two companies, Mobivia and Black Star have just signed an agreement. They will create a tire reconditioning unit to recover used tires and convert them back into new tires. Production is due to start in January 2022, and create 200 jobs by 2025.

From the first year, around a hundred jobs will be opened in the former tire factory, which before it closed on April 30, employed 863 people. The Ministry of Industry specifies, according to France Bleu Nord, that there will be a “inducement” to recruit the old workers of the factory. “The aim is to compensate as much as possible for the jobs destroyed by the closure”, continues Bercy.

This reconditioning unit carried by Mobivia (European leader in car maintenance) and Black Star (French company specializing in reconditioned tires) is the first to be made official. But other reindustrialization projects are being studied to reconvert the old Béthune site, according to France Bleu Nord.

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