Partial unemployment: an accumulation of paid holidays difficult to manage

In the context of the Covid-19 health crisis, paid leave is a time bomb. 16 million days of paid leave have not been taken since March 2020 in the hotel and catering industry, which represents more than a billion and a half euros, for a sector already severely affected. The Ministry of Labor envisaged Monday, November 30 a boost: when employees take their leave, 84% of their wages would be covered by the state, employers supplementing the remaining 16%.

A crucial point for Didier Désert, a Parisian restaurateur who will not be able to reopen before, at best, January 20, 2021. “I have a souvenir in my hands: the menu for December 31, 2019. Obviously, there won’t be a nice New Year’s menu this year. It’s a real frustration”, deplores the master restorer of the Auvergne embassy. While preparing his end-of-year balance sheet, this restaurateur has made his accounts: more than 100,000 euros in losses, not to mention the leave he owes to his employees.

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