Part of the crew of the film The Revenge of the Glitter Shrimps, filmed in Ukraine, joined the army

Some actors or technicians who made up the filming crew of this comedy, scheduled for theaters on April 13, have engaged in the battle against the Russians.

Overnight, we saw our actors dressed as soldiers “, said Maxime Govare to the Parisian co-director with Cédric Le Gallo of Revenge of the Glitter Shrimps. Filmed mostly in Ukraine, this second part of the comedy released in 2019 featuring a gay water polo team, is partly composed of Ukrainian actors and technicians, some of whom took up arms to fight the Russian invader. . “They did not go to the front reluctantly, but with the ardor and the determination to save their country”underlined Cédric Le Gallo.

In Revenge of the Glitter Shrimp, scheduled in theaters on April 13, the team led by Matthias Le Goff (Nicolas Gob), on their way to the Gay Games in Tokyo, misses their connection and finds themselves stuck in Russia, in a particularly homophobic region. The script explains the reasons for the filming being exported to Ukraine. “In terms of landscapes and public transport, Kyiv looks like a Russian city and all Ukrainian actors speak Russian”said Cédric Le Gallo to our colleagues. “Most importantly, it was impossible to can footage of two men kissing in Russia, where a 2013 law bans ‘homosexual propaganda’clarified the director.

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Today, some filming locations shared between Liev and Lviv have sadly become bomb shelters or perhaps have “even disappearedlaments Maxime Govare. To salute the courage of these freedom fighters, the two directors in full promotion of the film, punctuate each preview with a “Slava Ukrainian” (Glory to Ukraine) proclaimed together by the public. The sequence captured via the directors’ mobile phones is then sent to the members of the Ukrainian team who remained on site. A gesture that may seem anecdotal , believes Cédric Le Gallo, but, he concludes, “we know that it puts balm in their hearts”.


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