Paris wants to become the world’s leading center for impact finance

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is taking on a new face. The public authorities want Paris to become the world capital of impact finance. This still vague notion groups together funds and loans that set goals for job creation, greenhouse gas reduction or equality between women and men. “The impact, about which we talk a lot, is not just a fad but will revolutionize finance for the next ten years. This is the new frontier of ESG (investment with environmental, social and governance criteria, Editor’s note), declares to the “Echos” Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State in charge of the Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy. We wish to consolidate and amplify the expertise of the Paris financial center by standardizing practices to arrive at a common definition of impact finance. “

To launch the movement, Bercy is organizing a virtual conference on this theme this Thursday with Finance for Tomorrow, the branch of the Paris Europlace association dedicated to green finance. “ We are going to work with Finance for Tomorrow so that French investors talk to each other, feed into academic research and exchange views with other European places on the subject ”, says Olivia Grégoire.

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