Paris Calligrammes: France, this beautiful foreigner

CRITICAL – A fascinating film by German artist Ulrike Ottinger, in homage to Apollinaire.

An artist's film that looks at Paris differently.
An artist’s film that looks at Paris differently. Ulrike Ottinger / Dean Medias

Paris all gray in these times of pandemic? Paris is a miracle of the eyes, an endless well of history, a melting pot of all the successive youths, the home port of art and its revolutions, responds firmly the artist Ulrike Ottinger, 78 years, in his long enthusiastic film, Paris Calligrammes, in homage to Apollinaire (2 h 09). This legend of the German avant-garde, born in 1942 in Constance, trained at the Beaux-Arts in Munich, arrived in Paris in 1962 with the dream of a Paris of cinema in mind.

After the war, the French army garrisoned in Constance until 1978. As a child, Ulrike Ottinger assimilated the mirage of cinema to French films, to Children of paradise from Marcel Carné, to Arletty, the divine Garance and superb beast of the fair which embodies “The naked truth»In a barrel.

To get to know your own culture, you have to get to know it from the perspective of another culture.

Claude Lévi-Strauss

A young foreigner who has landed in a completely black Paris, Ulrike has the round face of young girls raised in the open air. You can hardly see her. Narcissism seems foreign to him. She walks in Paris,

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