Paris 2024: the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games should be held on the Seine

The opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be held ” on the Seine “, Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with “L’Equipe” to be published on Sunday, the president wishing for an event “Truly unique and revolutionary”.

The ceremony, July 26, 2024, “Will be done on barges on the Seine, also using its banks and all that the Seine offers as an urban setting”, details Emmanuel Macron who emphasizes that “It’s a job with Tony Estanguet’s team [président du comité d’organisation des JO de 2024], the city of Paris, other communities, all State services ”.

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This event he wants ” unforgettable “, goes “Give a visual force, an emotion and even a very different rhythm to the ceremony”, he believes, after the opening ceremony Friday of the Tokyo Olympics, sober and moving, which he attended.

“A message for everyone”

“We really want the ceremony to be popular, open to all, unique in terms of experience, very innovative and to have meaning for the French, that it carries a message for the world”, insists the head of state.

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By his side, Tony. Estanguet added that “Our objective is to confirm these options in the coming months, by the end of the year”. “The ceremonies will reflect what we have been doing from the start: rethinking each marker of the Games to open them to as many people as possible”, according to this three-time Olympic champion.

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