Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “It’s a health drama that is playing out”

With his face closed, Marc Poulbot walks up the narrow sidewalk and glances to his left, annoyed. There, a blast from his house, several construction machines are activated and scratch the ground. Motorway slip roads will soon emerge from the ground. “In the 1970s and 1980s, this whole neighborhood was screwed up to get more cars through. And now it starts again … “, cowardly, full of anger, this solid fifty-something with a strong character.

Marc Poulbot is a child of Pleyel, this popular district of Saint-Denis in full mutation, cut off from the rest of the city for decades by the A86, this urban motorway which bypasses Paris and scars the 93. As a teenager, Marc saw his father fighting to save the family house, built by his great-grandfather, and threatened with destruction by the construction of this concrete monster that is the A86. The pavilion was not ultimately razed, but the episode remains a trauma. Since then, the imposing structure carries monster traffic every day just a few meters from its windows, and has completely “Shattered the social life of the neighborhood”. With the return of backhoe loaders and bulldozers, Marc Poulbot has the unpleasant feeling of seeing history repeat itself.

The Dyonisien has long thought that the time for major works and the all-car was over. It was without counting on the Olympic Games of Paris 2024, and the multiple urban upheavals which accompany this kind of event full of excess.

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