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Parcoursup: what are the next steps in the 2022 procedure?

There are only a few hours left for high school students and young people in reorientation to finalize their Parcoursup file, the registration platform for the first year of training in higher education. They have until Friday, April 8, 11:59 p.m., to refine their applications and confirm their wishes.

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The date was initially set for April 7, but a computer problem prompted the platform to grant an additional 24 hours. What will then be the next steps for the candidates?

► From April to May, examination of requests by establishments

Each training organizes a commission to examine the various applications, based on the criteria it has previously defined. The points they examine in particular are indicated by the establishments on their detailed sheet, which can be consulted via Parcoursup. The applications are anonymized, and the establishments do not know which other courses the student has applied for.

► From June 2, 2022, start of the main admission phase

The main admission phase will begin on Thursday, June 2, 2022. Candidates will then be able to consult the answers of the different courses requested: “yes”, “yes – pending”, “yes if” (provided they follow a specific course, upgrade for example) , “no”.

From this date, candidates may receive different admission proposals as and when withdrawals are made. The “yes – pending” can evolve into “yes” depending on the withdrawals of students accepted by several training courses.

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If the student has received only negative responses from selective training, he can request support from his current establishment or from an information and guidance center (CIO), to prepare for the training phase. additional admission.

From July 5, the day of the baccalaureate results, the candidate who definitively accepts a proposal for admission must complete his administrative registration, the final step before the start of the school year. July 15 will be the last day to accept a proposal under this main intake phase.

► From June 23 to September 16, additional admission phase

The additional admission phase, from June 23 to September 16, allows you to make a maximum of ten new wishes to training courses that still have places available. This step only concerns candidates without training or disappointed with the proposals obtained during the main phase.

Candidates who have not received any proposal even at the end of the complementary phase can contact the commission for access to higher education (Caes) of their academy. This will be responsible for helping them find a place in an establishment.


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