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Parcoursup, “the students of Terminale are in full trial”

La Croix: What does the opening of the Parcoursup platform mean, in this troubled year for high school students?

Clemence Appointed : This is the time for Terminale students to make future orientation choices, to formulate their training wishes, which they will be able to register from January 20 on the platform. They have a month and a half to do so, until March 11. So the deadline is approaching.

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This year, the choices are necessarily a little more abstract, because there were no open days for schools, nor an orientation fair. It is a big lack. There have certainly been a few “closed door” online school visits, but not concrete enough.

What state of mind are high school students in?

CN : The students are worried. During the first confinement, they did not always have a good experience of distance learning and, suddenly, do not want to relive this during their studies. Most of them returned to high school, others only part time. They are also part of the first generation to take the new baccalaureate.

Some fear that they have not made the right choices of specialties in relation to their wishes. As if they had not anticipated this reflection. And realize, for example, that they have dropped physics, when this subject is required by the engineering school envisaged. The students of Terminale are in full trial, what is more during this health crisis, where the young people have difficulties to project themselves in the future, which stresses them. They don’t always have ideas about what they want to do, or at least can’t verbalize them.

How can parents motivate their children when making career choices?

CN: Parents have a role of reassurance and support for their teenagers in the discovery of different courses or courses. The important thing is to encourage dialogue, to identify with them their brakes, their blockages. It is better to avoid talking about the profession itself, but rather a domain, a direction.

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We can help them plan for the short term, in the next two years, when they are students. Also take care to play down their choices, which are not final with the existence of bridges and openings. Tell them that they will inevitably evolve, specialize, meet people. Orientation is an evolving choice over several years.


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