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Parcoursup: start of the main admission phase

From Thursday, June 2 at the end of the afternoon, the 936,000 candidates registered on Parcoursup will be able to know the first results of their wishes. This year, the Ministry of National Education observed a slight increase in the number of registered (+ 0.6%) compared to the previous session.

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If most of the candidates are high school students, the platform also counts “186,000 students who wish to reorient themselves in the first year” or 95,000 candidates “having a plan to resume studies”.

►June 2, posting of the first results

Only candidates who have confirmed their registration before Friday, April 8, 11:59 p.m., will be able to access the results. From their personal space, they will be able to discover online the answers of the different training courses requested: “yes”, “yes – pending”, “yes if” (provided they follow a specific course, refresher course for example) or ” Nope “.

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It will not be possible to validate admission as soon as the first results are posted on June 2. To act on his file, the candidates will have to wait and then reconnect a few hours later.

It may happen that a candidate benefits from multiple offers of admission at the same time. It is not possible to accept several at the same time, but a candidate can validate a proposal while keeping the possibility of accepting another which would arrive later.

When it validates a proposal, the platform thus asks each time the candidate if he wishes to keep or not the pending wishes. If so, he will be asked to specify which ones.

► Continuous admission procedure from June 3 to July 14

In case you are not satisfied with the first results, don’t panic. Not everything happens on the first day. Parcoursup operates continuously until July 15th. The file is updated every morning according to the evolution of the waiting lists. Candidates are therefore invited to log in daily in order to follow the progress of their file.

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Those most sure of their choice of orientation and who would like to save themselves a daily connection will be able to activate the “automatic answering machine” from June 3. This feature allows you to automatically accept the wish placed at the top of the list of preferences as soon as it is accepted by the establishment.

► What are the response times?

For reasons of fairness, Parcoursup imposes response times. In principle, these deadlines are indicated in your file. Those who received a positive response between June 2 and June 6 will have until June 7 at 11:59 p.m. to respond. Those whose response is received after June 7 will then have 48 hours to respond.

If you do not meet these deadlines, your non-response will automatically lead to the allocation of your place to the first candidate on the waiting list.

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