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Parcoursup reintroduces the classification of wishes

Parcoursup evolves… discreetly. From July 15, when the main admissions phase ends, candidates who have not yet received an assignment will have to prioritize their “pending” wishes, according to a decree published, without noise. , to Official newspaper of June 23, 2022.

New baccalaureate holders and reorientation students will have four days, until July 18 inclusive, to establish this ranking. They will then be able to receive proposals for admission if places become available, due to the withdrawal of other candidates or their lack of response within the time limits. They will have to respond within 24 hours, starting July 19.

This prioritization only applies, however, to institutions selected during the main admissions phase. The wishes formulated during the additional phase, which runs from June 23 until mid-September, are not affected.


In fact, this possibility of classification already existed on Parcoursup in the form of an option but it was very little used. Today, it therefore becomes mandatory, under the term “archiving”, at the end of the main admission phase for “accelerate the procedure”, according to the terms of the decree. Before this text, the candidates remained “on hold” until they were decided during the complementary phase.

For Hervé Christofol, member of the national office of Snesup-FSU, this measure is a step in the right direction: “The classification of wishes makes it possible to reduce assignment times, which today are artificially lengthened by waiting lists, he believes. But to be really effective, it should have been put in place from the start of the procedure and not just at the end, where it will only concern the last candidates awaiting training. Even if they are still close to 97,000 today, which is considerable. »

“A form of lottery”

Parcoursup had precisely coincided with the end of the hierarchy used on the previous APB (post-baccalaureate admission) platform, which was highly criticized at the time. “It is true that there had been drifts with the draws in the sectors in tensionrecognizes Hervé Christofol, but I am not sure that the current waiting lists are more equitable, since the assignment does not only depend on the results of the candidate but on the withdrawal of others, which is also a form of lottery”.

Above all, the disappearance of the ranking of the training courses requested had, according to him, an effect on the confidence of young people. With the hierarchy of wishes, a candidate who was not admitted to his preferred training could tell himself that there was no more roomhe explains. With the waiting list, he will especially think that he has not worked well enough. Especially since the sometimes very distant rankings create stress and guilt among students. »

Equal opportunities

Should we reestablish a classification of wishes from the start of the main phase? “I think the APB system was abandoned for equal opportunity reasons: the government realized that it was the best-informed families who had the best strategies for prioritizing wishes,” objects Elisabeth Elkrief, general manager of the AlphaOmega foundation which fights against school dropout.

Beyond the uncertainty in which the pupils are plunged for several months, which “shock” this orientation specialist, it is the lack of transparency of training that should “announce the weighting of marks” for each subject. And above all, she insists, “the lack of places in sectors which nevertheless have outlets”.


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