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Parcoursup: many candidates still waiting

► The main phase of Parcoursup ends this Friday July 16. What does this mean in concrete terms?

Higher education establishments have until July 14 to submit registration proposals. The candidates concerned have until July 16 inclusive to respond. Those who have definitively accepted a proposal must in principle finalize their registration by this date at the latest.

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For candidates without a solution today, the complementary phase, opened in mid-June, continues until September 16. “More than 5,000 training courses with places still available (licenses, BTS, preparatory classes and even business schools) are participating”, indicates Jérôme Teillard, Mr. Parcoursup of the Ministry of Higher Education. “We systematically call all terminal students and all students in reorientation in order to offer them support”, ensures the project manager.

► To what extent is the procedure affected by the reform of the baccalaureate and by the health crisis?

Until last year, Parcoursup relied almost exclusively on first and final year reports because the procedure started well in advance of the exams. One of the goals of the reform of the baccalaureate was precisely to integrate into Parcoursup a large part of the marks counting for the diploma, by providing 40% of continuous assessment and by scheduling the tests for the two specialty courses from March.

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But the pandemic forced these reviews to be canceled and only the quarterly averages to be retained, imposing a situation close to that which existed previously. With, among other biases, the differences in rating from one establishment to another, depending on the evaluation culture and the profile of the students.

To get around this pitfall, Jean-Michel Viol, the director general of ICAM, an engineering school, confides ” give a lot of importance to the pupil’s rank in the class ” when analyzing a file sent via Parcoursup. “I also take into account the success rates and the mention rates obtained in previous years by the home institution. If these rates are very high, it is likely that the candidate was under-rated compared to a young person coming from a high school presenting results significantly lower than the bac. “

The reform of the baccalaureate, with the abolition of general pathways, also led those in charge of higher education to question their selection criteria. What attention should be paid, for example, to the two specialty courses chosen in the final year? A mission currently being carried out by the General Inspectorate should make it possible to better understand the impact of the new high school on the process of entering studies.

► For its fourth session, is the Parcoursup machine broken in?

As in previous editions, the Web rustles with the dissatisfaction of candidates disappointed at not having obtained a place in the coveted formations, despite a file they consider solid. “Out of 930,000 candidates, there are inevitably individual cases that pose a problem”, reacts Jérôme Teillard, who nevertheless recognizes a more tense situation in many prepa classes in high demand: “Previously, they selected very good and excellent records. This year, they stuck to the excellent ones, without going down to the very good ones. “

He who pilot Parcoursup ensures in any case that the procedure is slightly ahead of last year, thanks in particular to the early opening of the complementary phase. Monday July 12, 88% of high school students and 76% of students in reorientation had received at least one proposal. “It seems this year that on Parcoursup, for many training courses, better consideration of the cover letter and additional elements such as extracurricular commitments”, greets the president of Fage, the main student union.

“But we can have the best platform, if there is a lack of 500 places in a faculty to meet demand, it continues to get stuck”, he observes. Very recently, Minister Frédérique Vidal announced the creation of 19,000 additional places in higher education.


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