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Parcoursup: five key figures

This Thursday, June 2 marks the launch of the main admission phase on Parcoursup. Until July 15, the files of the 936,000 candidates registered on Parcoursup will be updated every morning.

→ PRACTICAL. Parcoursup: start of the main admission phase

Unsurprisingly, the most numerous applicants are senior high school students (educated in France and abroad): “627,000, a figure down slightly from 2021 (- 2%)” explains the Ministry of Higher Education in a note revealing the key figures for this 2022 session.

► 11.6 million wishes made this year

In all, 11.6 million wishes and sub-wishes for training under student status were made for this 2022 session. “an increase of 0.8% compared to 2021”, according to the Ministry of National Education. On average, a candidate confirmed 13 wishes or sub-vows, a constant figure compared to last year.

► 500 training courses more than in 2021

The Ministry of Higher Education lists 500 additional training courses this year compared to 2021. Candidates now have the choice between 13,800 possible training courses excluding apprenticeship.

► The number one medical courses in the ranking

The Covid and public hospital crisis does not seem to have discouraged young people from taking up a medical career. As in 2021, health studies are at the top of the most requested training courses on Parcoursup. The state nursing diploma, a three-year training provided in nursing training institutes (Ifsi) totals more than 680,000 wishes in 2022.

→ EXPLANATION. The difficult implementation of the reform of health studies

High school students also turned massively to the Pass and the LAS, the two new paths to integrate medical studies (medicine, dentistry, midwifery, physiotherapist and pharmacy) with respectively 660,000 and 318,000 wishes.

► 6% of wishes concern preparatory classes

The preparatory classes confirm their loss of speed. According to the Ministry of Higher Education, the proportion of registrants on Parcoursup with a majority of wishes in prepa fell from 11% to 3% all sectors combined. In all, the CPGEs represent only 6% of the wishes expressed, all sectors combined.

The trend is not new: in a study published last February, the Ministry of Higher Education recalled that “the preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles (CPGE) welcomed 83,400 students at the start of the 2021 school year, a number already down compared to 2020 (– 1.8%)”.

► 57,000 candidates interested in the vocational training offer

Among the 95,000 candidates with a plan to resume studies, nearly 57,000 were also interested in the vocational training offered via the ParcoursPlus module. Created in 2020, this platform is intended for people who have graduated from the baccalaureate for more than four years and who wish to resume higher education.


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