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Parcoursup: 100,000 more registration proposals than last year

They eagerly awaited the answers to their higher guidance vows. The 931,000 candidates for Parcoursup are starting to be determined since the launch, Thursday, May 27, of the admission phase, which will end in mid-July.

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As soon as it opened, more than a million and a half registration proposals were made by the establishments. A figure 100,000 higher than that recorded last year. This can be explained at least in part by the fact that 2000 courses (and 3200 work-study courses) had since joined the platform.

Those who choose, those who wait

But the number of proposals greater than the number of candidates does not mean that each could receive a positive response. Some young people have obtained several nominations (the average number of wishes expressed is 12). They have until Monday, May 31 to make a final choice or to temporarily retain only one of the formations, while waiting for a possible green light for another wish, pending. The other candidates must wait until places become available, through the progressive game of withdrawals.

This 2021 edition, which takes place in a unique health context, saw, among other things, a 30% increase in applications for preparatory classes. For the Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal, interviewed by The Parisian Thursday, May 27, this is the sign of a “Disinhibition of high school students on Parcoursup”. Because they are no longer required to prioritize their wishes, as was the case before 2017, with the post-baccalaureate admission procedure. “They ask for training that they would never have thought to put at the top of the pile in the past”, she believes.

“A return to school 100% face-to-face”

This phenomenon, however, is most likely linked to the way in which these prep classes have weathered the health crisis: most have continued to welcome students, while since March 2020, the universities have only been able to operate face-to-face with two very small children. month.

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Frédéric Vidal has in any case set the goal “A return to school 100% face-to-face”, without requiring vaccination. But she assures that the vaccine will be available by then for all those who wish it. And pre-entry vaccination campaigns for international students who would not have had the opportunity to be vaccinated in their country of origin.


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