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Panic due to corona infection worldwide, India demands WTO to call emergency meeting

Covid-19: Cases of Kovid-19 infection are increasing rapidly around the world. Along with the Omicron variant of Corona, there is an atmosphere of panic due to the rapid increase in the cases of other variants as well. According to media reports, the number of corona infected in the whole world has exceeded 29 crores. Meanwhile, India has demanded an emergency meeting from the World Trade Organization regarding the increasing cases of infection with the corona virus in the world. India has demanded to convene an emergency meeting of the WTO General Council in Geneva this month to discuss the proposed package of WTO. This package also includes a proposal for Patent Waiver.

India demands emergency meeting from WTO

The WTO General Council is the apex decision-making body. Its meetings are held regularly to ensure proper functioning of the organization. India has expressed displeasure over the lack of significant progress on trade aspects related to intellectual property rights to help deal with the Corona epidemic and has appealed to include the proposal in the proposed package of WTO. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a 164-member multilateral body that formulates rules for global exports and imports and decides disputes between two or more countries on trade-related issues. In October 2020, India and South Africa submitted the first proposal suggesting exemptions for all WTO members on the implementation of certain provisions of the TRIPs agreement regarding the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. A revised proposal was submitted in May 2021.

Panic from Corona around the world

TRIPs came into effect in January 1995. It is a multilateral agreement on the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights such as copyright, industrial design, patent or trade. WTO will start its meetings from January 10 and India has suggested to call the meeting immediately. The Omicron Variant may soon hit the peak in the US. However, top scientist Antony Fossey believes that there is hope from South Africa’s experience with Omicron. Where the strain of Omicron suddenly reached its peak and soon subsided. According to some pathologists, Omicron infection is spreading rapidly among people above 50 years of age. In many other countries including France, Britain, there is panic due to the rapid increase in infection.

More than 33 thousand new cases of corona infection have been reported in India while 123 people have died. At the same time, the number of Omicron patients in the country has reached 1700. Global movement has also been disrupted due to Corona infection. In the last 24 hours alone, more than 4,000 flights have been canceled worldwide. According to media reports, so far the total number of corona infected has reached 29.07 crores while the number of dead has reached 54.62 lakhs.

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