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Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shahbaz accuses Imran Khan of corruption

Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has accused ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan of damaging the national exchequer by selling valuable Toshkhana gifts, including diamond jewelery worth Rs 14 crore, in Dubai. According to the law of the country, any gift received from dignitaries of a foreign country should be kept in the country’s Toshakhana (Government Treasury).

According to the news of Geo News, Shahbaz made this claim during a meeting with journalists invited for an Iftar feast at the Prime Minister’s residence here on Thursday. He said, “I can confirm that Imran Khan took gifts from Toshkhana and sold them in Dubai for Rs 14 crore (US$7.6 million). Valuable gifts include diamond jewellery, bracelets, watches and sets.”

Investigation started against Imran Khan

Shahbaz said that he too had once received a watch which he had deposited in Toshkhana. The newly elected prime minister said, “I don’t need to hide anything.” The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government led by Khan was reluctant to share details about the gifts kept from Toshkhana. An investigation has been launched against Khan by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for selling a precious necklace from Toshkhana, causing damage to the national exchequer.

Shahbaz’s disclosure came in response to a question on a petition seeking details of Toshkhana filed in the Islamabad High Court, to which the then Prime Minister Khan had remarked that the details could not be disclosed as per the Official Secrets Act.

The necklace was sold for 18 crores

Reports said the necklace was sold to a jeweler in Lahore through Zulfi Bukhari, former special assistant to the prime minister for overseas Pakistanis and human resource development, for Rs 18 crore, while only a fraction of that amount was given to Toshkhana. .

Responding to the allegations, Bukhari said that there is no truth in the reports of selling necklaces. Talking to Geo News, he said that there was never any talk about the defeat and the allegations were baseless and baseless. Meanwhile, former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that Khan had bought the watch from the government which was received as a gift from another country.

Bukhari said that I do not understand what is the real issue of Shahbaz. He alleged that Shahbaz is confused as he does not understand how to level allegations against Khan. Fawad said that whatever the price of the watch, “If it is mine, I can sell that watch, no one should have any problem with it.”

Advised to focus on national issues

The former minister and close aide of Khan advised Shahbaz to stay away from superficial gossip and focus on national issues. According to the law, whenever the head of a state receives a gift from another state or country, it has to be given to the Toshkhana. If they want to keep the gift, they have to pay an amount equal to its value which is decided through an auction. The leaders of Pakistan often accuse their opponents of corruption.

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