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Pakistan’s Home Minister said – some robbers have gathered against Imran

Amidst the political turmoil in Pakistan, it is now difficult to escape the chair of PM Imran Khan. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid has attacked the opposition and said that some robbers are conspiring against PM Imran by gathering. He said that Sunday is a very important day for the politics of Pakistan. He does not know about staying in politics after Sunday. It has not been decided yet about staying in politics after Sunday.

Sheikh Rashid, while addressing a function to promote Waqar-un-Nisa College for Women as a university, said he wanted to retire from politics but his conscience prevented him from leaving Prime Minister Imran Khan alone.

Pakistan’s Home Minister strongly attacked the opposition

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has asked the responsible people of Pakistan to come forward and hold elections after Haj. The Home Minister said that some dacoits and thieves have gathered against PM Khan but I stand firmly with Imran Khan like a true partner in difficult times. The city of Rawalpindi does not like traitors or conscience sellers. He accepted that the people of sugar mafia and black marketing of ghee have influence in the Union Cabinet.

Standing firmly with Imran in difficult times – Sheikh Rashid

Sheikh Rashid further said that his conscience would not allow him to leave Imran Khan in difficult times. No-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan may be successful but no one will accept this defeat. Rashid appealed to the responsible people of the country to declare fair and free elections after Haj.

Earlier, Sheikh Rashid had suggested that Prime Minister Imran Khan should start organizing a good budget and elections after Haj 2022 in the month of July. He alleged that foreign funding was done to topple the government led by PM Imran Khan.

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