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Pakistan’s former ISI chief Asad Durrani told Indian ‘spy’

Pakistan has named Asad Durrani, the former chief of his own intelligence agency ISI (Inter Services Intelligence), as an Indian spy. Pakistan’s Defense Ministry has opposed his request to remove Asad Durrani’s name from the exit control list. The Islamabad High Court, on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, said that they have enough evidence that Asad Durrani has had a relationship with the Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) since 2008 and that he will be in future with Pakistan Can work against interests.

Durrani was engulfed in controversy when he co-authored the book – The Spy Chronicles: Raw, ISI and the Illusion of Peace, in 2018 with former RAW chief Amarjeet Singh Daulat. For this reason, the Pakistani army summoned Durrani and accused him of violating the military code of conduct.

Asad Durrani appealed to the Islamabad High Court, saying that the government had wrongly included his name in the no fly list or exit control list. He told the court that he wanted to go abroad, so the government should lift the ban on him. Asad Durrani’s name was included in the ECL list in May 2018 after the publication of the book. The former ISI Chief subsequently challenged in the Islamabad High Court against this move in 2019.

In response to Durrani’s petition in the Islamabad High Court, it was said on Wednesday by the Pakistani Ministry of Defense that the former ISI chief’s name has been included in the no fly list ‘due to anti-national activities’.

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